The Backstory

Samantha graduated from PrattMWP in 2011 following Syracuse University in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art. Shortly after graduating she relocated to Rhode Island where she began her journey of entrepreneurship in the Custom Design and Build business. She has found success in her own business offering many different services such as Apparel design, Logo development, Illustration and Graphic design, Custom Woodworking, Painting/drawing, Personalized Art and Silk screen/vinyl products. She is currently taking on new clientele and managing her new business ‘Making Ends Meet.’


Who We Are

Samantha (Glevick) and Morgan (Edgecomb)

Making Ends Meet is a handcrafted business that my partner and I established in 2018 to promote and sell custom made products to the world that we created together. Both of us having been out of college for quite some time, we got to the point where we wanted to feel fulfilled by our creative work in hopes to eventually pursue our business full time in the future. While we have created a line of products that we enjoy making, we are constantly coming up with new ideas and always love a challenge. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are never limited by our knowledge, but always open to learning and growing as artists and business owners.