From custom logos and advertisements to t-shirt graphics and silk screened products, the term “design” umbrellas a wide variety of services that I offer. 

I’m well versed in the works of all Adobe programs and can pick up alternative programs or skills that are needed for any job. I’ve spent the last 5 years screen printing and working with businesses, companies, non-profits and one on one clients to create designs and print apparel for advertising and events.


I am academically educated and trained, but I’m also very much self-taught. I thrive off of new experiences and really just love creating art. I enjoy working on heavily conceptual work, but also offer my services to portraits and other custom commissions.

My main mediums include: painting (oils, acrylics, gauche, watercolor, ink) drawing (charcoal, graphite, colored pencils), screen printing, print making, digital media, air brushing, woodworking, photography, graphic design etc.


I love the idea of taking something old and turning it into something new. You know that saying “One mans trash is another mans treasure.” Whether you’re looking to update your current space, give life to an old piece or start from scratch with commissioning a new build, I’m here to assist you with your project.

I typically enjoy working on small intricate items like custom boxes, key chains, home decor items, and coat racks. However, I always welcome bulk orders and larger projects like large scale wall art, furniture and built ins.


Interested in working together?
Think we might be a good fit for a project? Please email me with as much detail as possible.